The Cold Cold Ground (Sean Duffy 1)

Sean Duffy 1

Sean Duffy will do anything to solve this case. Including risking his life.

Two dead.One left in a car by the side of a road. He was meant to be found quickly. His killer is making a statement. The other is discovered hanging in a tree, deep in a forest. Surely a suicide: she’d just given birth, but there’s no sign of the baby.Nothing seems to link the two, but Detective Sergeant Sean Duffy knows the links that seem to be invisible are just waiting to be uncovered. And as a policeman who has solved six murders so far in his career, but not yet brought a single case to court, Duffy is determined that this time, someone will pay.


A razor sharp thriller told with style, courage and dark-as-night wit … a brilliant novel with its own unique voice

Stuart Neville, author

The Cold Cold Ground is fast-paced, intricate and crime to the core.


If Raymond Chandler had grown up in Northern Ireland, The Cold Cold Ground is what he would have written

The Times

The names of David Peace and Ellroy are evoked too often in relation to young crime writers, but McKinty shares their method of using the past as a template for the present. The Cold Cold Ground is a crime novel, fast-paced, intricate and genre to the core.

Eoin McNamee, Guardian

Detective Sergeant Sean Duffy could well become a cult figure

Irish Independent