I Hear the Sirens in the Street (Sean Duffy 2)

Sean Duffy 2

Detective Inspector Sean Duffy returns for the incendiary sequel to The Cold Cold Ground.

Sean Duffy knows there’s no such thing as a perfect crime. But a torso in a suitcase is pretty close.Still, one tiny clue is all it takes, and there it is. A tattoo. So Duffy, fully fit and back at work after the severe trauma of his last case, is ready to follow the trail of blood – however faint – that always,alwaysconnects a body to its killer.A legendarily stubborn man, Duffy becomes obsessed with this mystery as a distraction from the ruins of his love life, and to push down the seed of self-doubt that he seems to have traded for his youthful arrogance. So from country lanes to city streets, Duffy works every angle. And wherever he goes, he smells a rat …

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The ever-excellent Adrian McKinty is on great form with his new series … characteristically fast and thrilling

Mail on Sunday

Duffy is one of the most interesting, convincing and sympathetic police officers in recent crime fiction… McKinty gets better and better.

Marcel Berlins, The Times

A strain of rough and visual, sly and lyric narrative prose in service of one hell of a story. Sean Duffy is a great creation, and the place comes alive – a uniquely beautiful and nasty part of the world

Daniel Woodrell

Don’t miss out on McKinty’s belting tale. Duffy mainlines into your bloodstream. Like the vodka and lime he’s so fond of, he’s definitely addictive.

Liz Kennedy, Belfast News Letter