Hello there and welcome to my website. Please feel free to pour yourself a pint of the black stuff, put your feet up on the desk and have a look around. This is the place where I’ve gathered together everything I can think of about the Sean Duffy books. Here you’ll find a full bibliography of the Sean Duffy series, Duffy related videos, links, competitions, drinks recipes, whisky recommendations, weight-loss tips and the answers to most of life’s big questions. Ok, so you won’t find the last two things, but you will find the other stuff as well my latest blog posts, upcoming publications, and sneak peaks at work-in-progress. Thanks for dropping by….Adrian

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a sean duffy short

Night coils above the eastern skyline. An occult sun sinks into an alien sea. The fog smells of rust and rot like an old bicycle. The boat glides over the unseen water, its 25cc engine barely turning the prop. Belfast in Irish means black mouth and we are in the [...]